Tax Structure:

The "HODL2MOON" meme coin introduces a transparent and sustainable tax structure designed to support the growth and stability of our exciting journey to the moon.

Buy Transactions:

  • A 3% tax is applied to all buy transactions.

  • Out of this 3%, 2% is allocated towards dynamic marketing strategies, allowing us to expand our reach and create a vibrant community.

  • The remaining 1% is automatically deposited into the liquidity pool, strengthening the coin's foundation and ensuring liquidity for all "HODL2MOON" enthusiasts.

Sell Transactions:

  • A 3% tax is applied to all sell transactions.

  • Just like with buy transactions, 2% is directed towards our captivating marketing initiatives to further fuel our journey to the moon.

  • The remaining 1% seamlessly bolsters the auto-liquidity pool, fortifying the coin's overall resilience and longevity.

This tax structure is an integral part of our commitment to reaching new heights. It facilitates ongoing marketing efforts while providing a robust foundation for liquidity, ultimately benefiting every "HODL2MOON" holder and ensuring a prosperous voyage to the moon.

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